In 2006, the Willmar Design Center sponsored and organized the weekly Becker Market. It is held on Thursday afternoons from June through September from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m.  The market location began on Becker Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets, but in 2014 it was moved to the 414 Becker Square location. The Becker Market is a market in which farmers, growers, producers and artisans sell their own products directly to the public, allowing customers to have a direct relationship with the producer of the items they purchase. The market emphasizes quality, freshness and originality in an atmosphere of celebration,community and music. The Becker Market strives to be more than just a farmer’s market; it offers an educational component for healthier lifestyles. Over the years the market has featured Health Fairs, where local health providers are available to speak directly to customers. The market engages children with activities that provide awareness for healthy eating along with teaching them how to be environmentally friendly.  The market also serves as a catalyst to bring the different cultural groups together as vendors and/or customers. The Becker Market Café provided prepared food to the public using locally grown products along with a sampling booth featuring produce from the vendors and accompanying recipes. At season’s end, canning and preserving classes are offered. Customers value the market not only for the fresh local products, but for its social aspects. Many customers would linger, visiting, listening to local musicians or watching Zumba dancers!


Becker Market

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