On June 22nd, 1990, an hour-long dedication ceremony for Selvig International Park was held. Nearly one-hundred people gathered for the ceremony, including representatives from Willmar’s sister city in Frameries, Belgium. The park was named for a former Willmar Mayor, Edwin Selvig, a man responsible for many Willmar community development projects including Rice Memorial Hospital, the Willmar airport, the City Auditorium, and the First Street Bridge. Edwin Selvig’s widow, Clara, provided the $40,000 in funds for the park. The mayor of Frameries, Alaine Flamme, spoke briefly at the ceremony, thanking everyone who worked to create the park. The Willmar National Guard’s Color Guard rose the American flag then the Belgian flag at the park’s formerly empty flag poles, while the national anthems from both countries played in the background. Local Boy Scouts raised the Minnesota flag soon after. It was indeed a beautiful dedication ceremony with hopes that the park would serve as a focal point for Willmar and a symbol of the pride in community represented by both Selvigs. Today, the park houses a fountain, benches, and a lamppost that are all from Belgium. There is also a large replica of a mining lamp that was used in mines in the Frameries region.

Selvig International Park

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